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Yahushua's Sufferings

The Untold Truth of Yahushua's Sufferings

Scripture tells us that Yahushua is our Passing Over of Yahuah, or Passover (1 Corinthians 5:7) and He is our Firstfruits (1 Corinthians 15:23).

A lamb was slain on both of these occasions.

Exodus 12: 1- 6 WYC

Also Yahuah said to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, This month, the beginning of months to you, shall be the first in the months of the year. Speak ye to all the company of the sons of Israel, and say ye to them, In the tenth day of this month each man take a lamb by his means and houses; but if the number is less, that it may not suffice to eat the lamb, he shall take his neighbor, which is joined to his house, by the number of souls, that would suffice to the eating of the lamb. Forsooth the lamb shall be a male of one year, without wem; by which custom ye should take also a kid; and ye should keep him until to the fourteenth day of this month; and all the multitude of the sons of Israel shall offer him at eventide.

Leviticus 23: 10 – 12 WYC

Speak thou to the sons of Israel, and thou shalt say to them, when ye have entered into the land which I shall give to you, and have reaped corn, ye shall bear handfuls of ears of corn, the first fruits of your ripe corn, to the priest; and the priest shall raise up a bundle before Yahuah, that it be acceptable for you, in the tother day of the Sabbath, and the priest shall wave that bundle; and the same day, wherein the handful is favored, a lamb of one year without wem shall be slain into burnt sacrifice of Yahuah.

Joshua 1: 7 – 8 WYC

Therefore be thou comforted, and be thou full strong, that thou keep and do all the law, which Moses, My servant, commanded to thee; bow thou not from it to the right side, either to the left side, that thou understand all things which thou doest. The book of this law depart not from thy mouth, but thou shalt think therein in days and nights, that thou keep and do all things that be written therein; then thou shalt address thy way and shalt understand it.

Yahuah tells us that if we do what He has commanded us to do, we will understand why He wants us to do them.

In the days of Noah, Yahuah caused a great flood so that Earth could be cleansed. It rained for 40 nights and 40 days, and the highest hill was more than fully covered. These flood waters fully covered Earth for 150 days before they started to decrease.

Do you think that it only took a few hours of suffering for Our Savior to cleanse us all of sin, everyone from the beginning of time until the end of time? Think about it.

Yahushua suffered for us long before He suffered at His execution. He carried with Him the burden of all our sins and illnesses; it was quite a heavy load to bear. The load of this heavy burden that Yahushua carried was visible to all. He looked sickly, diseased, and weak. “Physician, heal Thyself,” He said they would quote. They saw Him heal many others and He knew they wondered why He did not heal Himself. He knew that it was a burden He must carry in order to save us. It was a burden that He wanted to carry because of His love for us. Yahushua was willing to suffer for us, and He did, many times over. This is one reason why Yahushua was not recognized after His resurrection. He no longer carried the heavy load of all those burdens of sin and illnesses. He no longer looked sickly, diseased, and weak; but He had scars.

From the Sanhedrin 43a

On the eve of Passover they hung Yeshu the Notzarine. And the herald went out before Him for 40 days saying Yeshu the Notzarine will go out to be stoned for sorcery and misleading and enticing Israel to idolatry. Any who knows anything in His defense must come and declare concerning Him.” But no one came to His defense, so they hung Him on the eve of Passover.

This is not the same story that has been given to us in Scripture.

Remember that Scripture tells us that Yahushua is our Passing Over of Yahuah, and His is our Firstfruits.

On Yahuah’s calendar, there are 40 nights and 40 days from the Passing Over of Yahuah to the waving of the Firstfruits.

That agrees with Scripture and the record of the Sanhedrin 43a.

If we keep what Yahuah has commanded, we will understand why we do them.

Research it; there were ‘seats’ that were attached to the upright portions of the stakes, or crosses used for executions, to prolong the life of the victims; and to prolong their sufferings.

History has been changed. His story, Yahushua’s story has been changed.

How much more did Yahushua suffer for us!

Yahushua willingly carried all the weight of those burdens, heavy with our sins. Willingly He hang on the stake for 40 nights and 40 days, to be ridiculed, mocked, and spat upon every day. Yahushua suffered on the stake for 40 nights and 40 days, to save us. Then, because no one came to His defense, He was taken out to be stoned, but none of His bones were broken.

In light of new discoveries, I fear that Our King, Our Saviour suffered a far worse fate than even this.

Satan has made light of Yahushua’s sufferings, and we believed.

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