Illumination to The Way

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Truth or Just Tradition

Many are searching for the real truth. There are many sources that claim to have the real truth. How can one tell if it is real truth or just tradition?

We have been taught to rely on man whether it is a preacher, teacher, scientist, parent, etc. We do not want to disappoint those that have taught us throughout our lives and we are sometimes fearful of them and what they would think if we decided to choose a different path, or have a different point of view. We need to ask ourselves, “Are these people that I have put my trust in actually doing what Yahuah wants them to do, or have they relied on man and are they just following the traditions that have come down to them through the ages?”

There are many that take things for granted, that all is what it looks like at first glance, this is not the case. Yahuah’s words to us have been corrupted by Satan and his followers. We have been told in Scripture to search, study, and to prove these things. The answers are still there but we must compare many different versions of Scripture to get to the real truth. There are many versions of Scripture out today that are meant to be easy to read and understand, but you must realize that Satan has had his hands in all the translations and as more translations come out the further from the real truth they get.

It seems that limitations are put on Yahuah and that there is a tendency to give Satan all the rope that he needs to hang us. Yahuah is the One that has no limits. Satan is very limited in his powers. Satan can only do what he is allowed to do. Still, we must remember not to underestimate Satan.

Satan was allowed to try to bury the truth because people had turned away from Yahuah. Satan has not been allowed to completely bury the truth. The truth is hidden, like a treasure and we have been told that we must seek it, and that very few will find it.

If very few will find the truth, why do we seem to go with the flow and follow the majority? We as individuals are responsible for ourselves and responsible for finding the real truth. Then we are to live by the truth and help lead others to it, by our actions and through proclaiming it.

We have to allow ourselves to think outside of the box, as the saying goes. If we keep allowing the influences of man to condition our way of thinking, we will not get out of the rut that we have allowed Satan to put us in. Satan is coming at us from all directions, all the time. Satan does not give up. Satan will tell us just a little bit of truth mixed in with his lies, but that little bit of truth does not make the lies any truer than they were in the beginning.

We should know to not let our ego get the best of us. That is what Satan did and why we are now in this mess. We should not give up on getting to the real truth. Satan has a goal and a plan to accomplish that goal; and everything that Satan does he does in order to accomplish that goal. We should know that Satan uses any means necessary to reach his goal. He uses people that he knows we have put our trust in, and he also uses us to make others stumble and go astray. We have all experienced these things during our lifetimes, people using one another to get what they want. Satan uses us all to get what he wants.

Now thinking outside of the box, we have been told all of our lives that the non-moon is the New Moon and that the earth is spinning. If we say anything otherwise, people think that we are crazy. That is how our thinking has been conditioned. We have been taught lies all of our lives so that when we do hear the actual real truth, we dismiss it believing it to be false.

We know that life is not fair, but all the same we seem to expect Satan to play fair in this war. Why is that? We are supposed to know that Satan is the most beautiful, and wisest ever created. But we see him as a little red something with horns and a tail. Satan looks nothing like that, he is just as beautiful today as he has always been. We are blinded daily by his beauty and that is how he tricks us into straying from Yahuah. Satan shows us all kinds of beautiful things, and beautiful ways every day to make us stumble and fall further away from Yahuah. Satan, being wiser than we give him credit for, has played us. We just keep playing along with him and his conniving ways giving him all the rope he needs to hang us.

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