Illumination to The Way

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Setting the Story Straight

Satan had his lying pens and scribes change things in Scripture. Satan had them take out the names of Our Creator and Our Savior. They also changed the history of Yahushua’s life, not only in Scripture, but in world history. There is evidence out there of His real history, if you are willing to look for it.

Does it not make sense that if Satan went through all the trouble to alter Scripture that he would also make sure that there was some “evidence” to back up his story? There is “evidence” found of the false one, the false one that most people in this world believe to be Our Savior. This “evidence” “proves” that the false one “existed.” Satan knew that people would try to look for evidence of the Savior, and so he gave them false evidence. False evidence to prove the false one existed.

Satan, as we know, is only allowed to do what Yahuah allows him to do. How difficult would it be for any of us to go through what Job went through? Satan was allowed to bring many sufferings to Job. Would we do as well as Job if we were in his place? Job was a very strong man and his belief in Yahuah never wavered.

Satan was allowed to bring all of these many sufferings to Job to prove that Job’s belief in Yahuah was not so strong. It turned out that Job’s belief in Yahuah was much stronger than Satan ever thought it could be.

Would it not make sense that Yahuah is allowing Satan do the same to us? Are we proving to Yahuah that our belief in Him is so much more than Satan thinks it could be? Are we truly seeking Yahuah as He wants us to?

Yahuah has and does give His people many times to come back to Him, and yet they keep ending up in Babylon.

Have you ever hardened your heart toward a loved one in order to help them see the error of their ways, because you have tried everything else you could and none of it helped? We are told in Scripture that Yahuah does this if we do not obey Him. He scolds us, after all, we are His children.

Scripture tells us that we are to seek Yahuah, and “to seek” implies “to look,” and that implies that some searching is required in order to find Him.

Yahuah knew what Satan was going to do to His Word and Yahuah let us know about it. We are warned about the lying pens of the scribes and the wolves in sheep’s clothing. He has also told us that we must read, study, and prove all things. Satan was not allowed to destroy Yahuah’s message to us and Satan was not allowed to destroy all of Yahushua’s history, but he was allowed to manipulate it.

Yahushua had a different timeline than what we have been taught. He was born at a different time and executed on the stake at a different time. He lived on earth here with us longer than what we have been taught. Some of Yahushua’s real history is in Scripture, but it has been mingled with the lives of others, be they real or make believe.

Satan had all of this done in order to trick us into worshipping him.

Your research should bring you to a point that you realize that Yahushua did not start the man-made entity that most people attend on weekends. What that entity is called means…

(Do not read the following crossed out words in the sentences below aloud so that you will not be breaking Yahuah’s command to us; to not let the names of the false ones to touch our lips.)

….“the house of the Lord,” or “the Lord’s house,” or “a place to worship the Lord

Baal means Lord

Baal a false one, one of many names Satan hides behind.

What that corrupted entity is called means:

…. “the house of Satan,” “Satan’s house,” or “a place to worship Satan.”

We have allowed ourselves to be putty in Satan’s hands.

We have relied on man’s traditions, the lying scribes, and the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

We “go,” “sit,” and “listen” to Yahuah’s Word in “the house of Satan;” where we pray to Satan, sing songs of praise to Satan, and worship Satan.

Sad, is it not?

How long are you going to allow Satan to lie to you?

How long are you going to stay in Babylon?

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