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More about the Lying Pen of the Scribe

As mentioned on the previous page, Yahuah’s message to us has been manipulated by Satan and his followers. Yahuah’s message has had things taken from and added to it, and things have been twisted around to have different meanings. We have been warned not to do this, but “the lying pen of the scribe” took great care to make lots of changes decades ago. The lying pens and Satan are still doing it today.

Scripture tell us to study, seek, find, and prove the truth. Do not give up until you have gotten to the real truth. You should use all the resources that you can find. Do not stop when you think you have come up with the truth, keep seeking deeper, and make sure it is the real truth. Satan has a very clever way of hiding the truth from us. Satan gives us a little bit of truth, just enough to make us think that we have the whole truth. When in reality, most of us are nowhere near the real truth. Do not give up. Although there is a lot of work involved in finding the real truth, I pray that you believe you are worth the extra effort.

“The lying pen of the scribe” took out and replaced Yahuah’s name with another’s. The “excuse” to us was to “protect” the people from taking Yahuah’s name in vain. Scripture tell us to call upon His name. How can we call upon His name if we do not know His name? To whom are you praying? To whom are you worshiping? I urge you to find out today.

Satan has tricked us in so many ways, getting us to worship him, instead of worshiping Yahuah.


A few more things to consider in your investigation:


There are words that have been crossed out on this site. They are either names of false ones or words that are related to, or come from their names; such as the names of the months and days on Satan’s calendars. There are many words in our languages that have been corrupted in such a way. The planets are named after the false ones. These words have become a “natural” part of our speech, and Satan is responsible. There are many more words out there that I am not aware of, but I tried my best not to use the ones that I am aware of in these pages. Where they were used in these pages, I tried to warn you beforehand to not read them aloud.


Exodus 23:13 reads: “And in all that I have said to you be circumspect and make no mention of the name of the false ones, nor let it be heard from your mouth.”

See how easily Satan tricks us into sinning against Yahuah?

Do not listen to Satan’s lies.

1 Peter 5:8 reads: Be sober; be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.





Something else to think about:

Have you ever thought about or wondered why...since we are commanded to not let the names of false ones to even touch our lips…why is Scripture filled with names of the false ones?



Knowing that Scripture was meant to be studied and be read aloud, why would the names of the false ones be in there?



Do you think that Yahuah was trying to trap us so that we would break His commandment?

No, it was the lying pens of the scribes and Satan.


Scripture does contain lies.


Why did Yahuah allow such things to happen to Scripture?


We were warned that such things would happen.


We were told to study and prove Scripture.


We were warned about wolves in sheep's clothing and that they would be hiding in plain sight.



Do you know the names of the false ones and the many words that originated from their names?


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