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Keeping the Ten Commandments

I was brought up to believe that The Ten Commandments were “nailed to the cross.” But we seemed to still follow them, except for the fourth one, to remember the Sabbath day. “…because it is not mentioned in The New Testament…” But it is mentioned in The New Testament, Hebrews 4:9, 10 reads: There remains a rest of the people of Yahuah. For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as Yahuah did from His. To me that is plain and clear. The New Testament also mentions the disciples of Yahushua and others keeping the seventh day Sabbath, “as was commanded.” Yahuah favoured and set apart the seventh day in the beginning and He has never un-favoured it. The Ten Commandments have been here since the beginning. All ten of them are significant, not just some of them. Just because we have no record of them until Yahuah gave them to Moses, does not mean that they did not exist before that time. If Yahuah’s Law did not exist before that time, then how was Cain guilty of murder? Romans 5:12-21 tells us that there cannot be sin without law. Until Yahushua came to fulfill the Law of Moses, death came to all sinners, and also to those that had not sinned. Yahushua fulfilled, and is fulfilling the Law of Moses; the old agreement, to save us from death, so that we can have everlasting life. Yahuah’s Law, being here since the beginning, was not part of the old agreement and it has no need of fulfillment.

The phrase in the above paragraph, “and also those that had not sinned,” means that yes, you can live a sin free life. Many believe that we cannot live a sin free life like Yahushua did. Many also believe that Yahushua did not sin because He is Yahuah’s Son and that already made Him perfect. Scripture tells us that Yahushua walked this earth as a man. He was just like you and me while He was upon this earth. If it was impossible for Yahushua to sin, then why would Satan waste his time, in the desert, trying to tempt Him? There were plenty of other people  Satan could have been working on, tempting; but he was trying his best to get Yahushua to sin. Yahushua chose not to sin. Yahushua did not put any one else before Yahuah. He followed The Ten Commandments all of His life here on this earth. He wanted to live a perfect life so that He could save us from eternal death. Yahuah needed a blemish-free sacrifice. Yahushua lived a perfect life, so that He could be that perfect, blemish-free sacrifice for us. If you will recall in Scripture Yahushua said to many people, “Go and sin no more.” It was not just a suggestion. It was a command. Why would He command of us something that was impossible? He would not.

Keep The Ten Commandments, all of them. That is all He really asks of us.

Perhaps the significance of keeping The Ten Commandments is now known. They are all simple enough to follow, if you know the facts. As mentioned earlier, the fourth commandment, remember the Sabbath day is usually omitted. One of the most important ones, as Satan has tried to hide it so well from us.

In order to remember the Sabbath day, you need to know when it is. The names of the days and months, as we know them, are not mentioned in the Scripture, because they are not part of Yahuah’s calendar. The "names" of months in Scripture are describing what is taking place at a certain time during the year or they are directly from the Babylonian calendar and we know that we should “get out of Babylon.” Yahuah did not give names to months or days. They are part of Satan’s calendars.

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