Illumination to The Way

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Back to the Basics

It is better to trust in Yahuah than to put confidence in man. Psalm 118:8

I start with the above Scripture to let you know that you must not take my word for it either. Study Scripture. Ask questions and find the answers. Seek for and find Yahuah.

Yahuah, Our Creator, has one message for all of us. His message, since the beginning of time, has not changed. Yahuah has not changed. Yahuah does not change.

How has one message become many different messages that have brought about thousands of different denominations? Scripture tell us that there is only one way. Yahushua said unto him, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man comes unto the Father, but by Me.” John 14:6

Satan is very clever. He has found his way into our minds by way of what we believe as the truth. He has lied to us. Do not underestimate Satan; there have been no limits to his lies. Satan has used his followers to manipulate Yahuah’s message to us. He has also used “the lying pen of the scribe” to take away from and add to Yahuah’s message, and by twisting words and phrases. Take the time to compare and notice the different translations of Scripture. Do they all say the same thing, maybe using different words; or do those different words change the meaning in some way; or do those words change the whole meaning? Get a good translation of Scripture. Do not let “the lying pen of the scribe” decide what you should or should not know about Yahuah. Study Scripture, do not just read it or listen as it is being relayed to you by a preacher. Study Yahuah’s message. How many times have you read Scripture only to come out with the same message? Is it the same message that you have been taught by man all of your life, or is it Yahuah’s true message?

While attending a place of worship years ago, during class the teacher was talking about The Ten Commandments.  I remember wondering, “If The Ten Commandments are so important, especially since Yahuah Himself wrote them in stone with His finger….Why am I here on this day?”

Off and on throughout the years, I searched for the answer to that question. I have made several discoveries along the way and I found myself upset; knowing that you and I have been lied to about so many things in this life. I am writing to you this day to share with you the most important of my discoveries.

Let me begin by letting you know that I am not doing this “to get on your case,” or for you to get on mine. I was brought up believing that it was not polite to “rock the boat.” But in this case, I believe that it is my duty to do so and I intend to rock as many boats as possible. Because I believe we all deserve to know the truth.

Yahuah gave us everything we need. We are to rely on Him only, not man. It is our duty to study Scripture and find His truth, so that we will know a false prophet, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. These false prophets do not look like wolves in sheep’s clothing; they look like you and me.

In my search for the answer to my question, I came across many writings by scholars and such, ones that “knew” the meanings of certain words in Scripture. Do not rely on them, most of them have their own agenda. Research these matters for yourself.

History cannot be changed, but what is written about it can and has been changed; depending on the writer, his point of view, and what he wants the “truth” to be in the future. Do not let anyone dictate your future.

I can only go on what I was brought up to believe. I do not know what you have been brought up to believe. I have read about the beliefs of others and I know from my discoveries that we have all been lied to all of our lives. It has gone on for generations and I can only ask Yahuah to forgive those that have lied to us and for Him to guide us to the correct path. The narrow path, the path He intended for us to walk.

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