Illumination to The Way

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About this website -

Here at Illumination to The Way you will find much information and many non-traditional concepts. These things are here in one place for you; things to help you along on your journey to the real truth.

The main goal here is to encourage you to ask questions, to study, and research these things for yourself.

Find the true answers to your questions.

Please do not skim over these pages, thinking that you have read the information before. As these matters do overlap, they are mentioned on most of the pages. Other pages could contain an important step for you in your search for the real truth that was not covered on previous ones.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while I research these matters. Please return to this website for updates, as changes are, and have been made according to further research into these matters. 

Always remember to prove things with Scripture. 

It is wise to compare several different versions.

Compare the Wycliffe version to the 1611 KJV to see just what a little over two hundred years did to Scripture.

Also know that the "Authorized" KJV version was authorized by King James, not Yahuah as many seem to believe. 

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