Illumination to The Way

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A Note to You

I know the information on this site is probably new and quite overwhelming for you. My intention was not to overwhelm you, but to have all of this information in one place for you. I have wondered if the information here has gotten more than just a glance; or if it has done what it was intended to do... 

Has it helped you realize that things are not what they seem?

Has it gotten you to ask your own questions?

Has it gotten you to do the research yourself, for yourself?

How much is your soul worth to you?

How far are you willing to go to save your soul?

I cannot give you the step by step of my research. I did not keep a record. I was just interested in finding the true answers to my questions, according to Scripture.

I did not rely on any man.

Knowing that the Ten Commandments had not been “nailed to the cross,” as I was taught, I knew that I had to find the Sabbath Day.

I read about other beliefs in my search for the truth, and  I asked, “Why do they believe this?” “Where in Scripture is this found?”

Many sites claim to have the true Sabbath Day, but I found no Scriptural evidence to back up their claims.

I researched the history of calendars. I searched all the way back to the Babylonian calendar. I knew that calendar wasn’t correct because we have been told to get out of Babylon.

All of that lead me to Yahuah’s calendar, the calendar that He created in the beginning.

Many sites claim to have the true Sabbath Day, Set Apart Days, and Feast Days of Yahuah, but they are trying to fit Yahuah’s days onto man-made calendars of Satan.

Yahuah’s calendar does not and will not ever fit on any of Satan’s calendars.

Yahuah’s calendar has not changed.

Yahuah placed His calendar in the heavens, in the beginning, for all to see.

Yahuah did not name the days and months of His calendar. Any “names” of months in Scripture are just a description of that given time of that year, or they are from Babylon. Also, beware especially of modern day translations of Scripture. Those that give names to the days and months, as we now know them, they are written with the lying pen of the scribe. They are of Satan.

We were warned by Daniel (7:25) that the times and laws of Yahuah would try to be changed. Yahuah’s times and laws have never changed, Yahuah does not change. These times and laws only appear to have changed. Satan and his lying scribes have lied to us little by little until we were following the traditions of man and following Satan's “laws.”

I cannot begin to imagine just how angry Yahuah must be with us.

This has been the first year for me in trying to keep Yahuah's set apart days, trying to use His calendar. It has been a struggle. Those of you that have visited this site have witnessed some of my struggles. It seemed that no matter which day I started a new month, going by this moon and then that moon, it was not correct. The days were not lining up with Scripture.

I have prayed to Yahuah, I have studied, I have researched, and I have observed these matters. There were days that I wanted to just give up; but I did not give up, as I have advised you not to give up until you get to the real truth. I kept going because I wanted to know Yahuah's true set apart days, and I was determined to find them before this coming new year of His. 

I know the importance of Yahuah's appointed times with us, and the importance that these days are His correct days. Yahuah's days are the ones that He set apart for us in the beginning. They are not days of our choosing that perhaps are more convenient for us because of the ways of the world.

As mentioned, you will find many non-traditional concepts here. We are not to rely on man or his traditions. It is not easy at times to throw away most of what we have been taught about these matters, but it is something that must be done in order for us to see the ways of Yahuah. I have had to remind myself of this throughout my studies. His ways are set apart from the world, and very few will find the narrow path.

(Do not read aloud the crossed out name of the false one in the sentence below so that you will not break Yahuah’s command to us; to not let the names of the false ones to touch our lips.)

A question once asked of me long ago:

What if, when Jesus comes back, he tells you that what we are telling you now - is the truth?

I said, “He would never tell me that.”

I knew that to be fact and I was standing firmly on my rock, not to be moved.

I then turned the question around and asked them.

Their reply was that they would say to him, “We’re so sorry.”


Wouldn’t it be too late by then?


After much research, I discovered that I had been wrong also.

I had been standing firmly on the wrong rock.


No matter how firmly you stand on that rock - don’t you want to be sure that you are standing on the right rock when Yahushua comes back?




I know the information on this site is in a kind of in-your-face style, with bits and pieces here and there. I had to get this information out there and, as time is short, I did not take the time to sugar coat it.


Have you noticed the lack of ads on this site?

I do not want anything from you – except that you ask yourself this question:


When Yahushua comes back, what rock will He find you standing firmly on?



Read, study, and research.

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